🎵slaughter house, 🎵Racing the wind🎸, I’m listening to this 2 songs❗️Wow❗️❗️

I’ve been a fan of them since the *lazy* era, Akira Takasaki-guitar,

Munetaka Higuchi-drums, these two are the core members of the band,

since that time , it has been an outstanding performance technique,

Akira Takasaki🎸 he is influenced by Ritchie Blackmore’s guitar playing,

*Machine Head-Deep Purple*

in boyhood, he listened to the album repeatedly and copied it, he set the metronome fastest and practiced,and

became a great guitarist🎸❗️❗️

Munetaka Higuchi, his death was too fast, his powerful and accurate drumming was amazing, one of the great rock drummers, like john Bonham.

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