🇩🇪Piano Concerto No5 e flat major-Beethoven

Rudolf Serkin -Piano , Bernstein -new york phil harmonic, I’m listening to this Piano Concert right now, it’s an urban performance, 1 movement , begins with orchestral chords and a solo-style Piano performance that begins together, Serkin and orchestra performance are wonderful,🎶the second half of this movement is a musical score that prohibits Piano solo, 2 movement b-major, it’s relatively gentle movement, at the end, the horn repeats the same sound and heads for the final movement, 3 movement , sonata rondo form, the development department is wonderful, second half, the Piano disappears with the timpani, and, bring back your breath and become the finale.🎵it was awonderful performance🎶

*Emperor* , I don’t think the common name for this Piano Concerto is appropriate,

sinfonie 5, 6, he left a masterpieces at about the same time, this Piano Concerto is one of those great masterpieces🎵🐬

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