🇦🇺Olivia Newton-John🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

1973, album- let me be there🎵

that’s a good album, 🎵take me home country roads, heartbreaker, let me be there, country roads, she sings john’s song brilliantly🎤🎵 let me be there,

If there was such a girlfriend the man would be happy😍❗️

1975, have you never been mellow🎵

it was a big hit worldwide❗️🎵

becoming Olivia, the girls sang🎤❗️🎵 1978, 🎵Jolene, I like this song,

and musical film/movie,* Grease * you’re the one that I want🎵the duet🎤👫🎤 between her and John Travolta is amazing❗️❗️🐬I was surprised at her singing ability again❗️🎤the song of the conversation between the two is wonderful❗️

🎵 xanadu, physical, she continued to sing hit songs,

Great achievements in making country more pop and spreading it worldwide,🎵

投稿者: toshiyu03site


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  1. そよ風の誘惑、ジョリーンは良く聴いていました。


  2. ♪そよ風の誘惑、♪ジョリーンは良く聴いていました。


  3. Okay, I really need a LOVE button for any kind reference to Olivia Newton-John’s music! And I am wondering if you are in my septuagenarian range or if you are a young kid finding out we knew what we were doing back then? 😁
    さて、オリビア・ニュートン=ジョンの音楽を参照するには、LOVEボタンが本当に必要です! そして、あなたが私の中毒者の範囲にいるのか、それとも私たちが当時何をしていたのかを知っていることを知っている幼い子供なのかどうか疑問に思っています。
    AND wondering if translate.google really knows what it’s doing??? Rate this translation for me, so I’ll know? Hoping the Like button is in the same place as in the English version!!
    thanx, c.a. 😉

    いいね: 1人



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