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Ballads, this is a compilation album🎵 for fans, it doesn’t mean much, album *Quite nights* many edits from this album🎵 arranger& Piano – Gil Evans, Miles, it seems that he was not very enthusiastic about the 🎵bossa nova-style arrangement, and I don’t fell the bossa nova -style too much, even if they are not very enthusiastic, comfortable for listeners,

🎵La valse des Lilas,- Michel Legrand,

once upon a summertime🎵his pet is romantic and cool, song#2, short song, it sounds like it’s on a bright street, 🎵Bye Bye Blackbird, It doesn’t matter, but for some reason I remember * satchmo *❗️

🎵basin street blues , I like this song,

🎵corcovado, it’s a good song, but it’s

a dragonfly with a broken end,

I think that two people who often collaborate,but have not achieved the best performance,

this compilation album is good🎵🐬

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