🇺🇸Whitney Houston🎤

1985, Whitney Houston, 🎵you give good love, I like this song,

and 🎵 Greatest love of all, 1977,

*Muhammad Ali* in the Greatest, 🎵the Greatest love of all- George Benson, it shows the importance of

believing in yourself, her singing voice is wonderful🎤🎵

🎵 saving all my love for you, it’s an affair song, but she sings beautifully,

🎵for you⤴️⤴️

1992, I will always love you,

1974, it’s a country song by Dolly Parton, she sings soulfully and brilliantly,

she’s a gospel element, great pop singer🎤🎵

投稿者: toshiyu03site




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