🇺🇸Roy Buchanan

1974, 75, live Stock, it’s a great live album🎵 hot cha, listen to bright guitar, 🎵can I change my mind, I like the keyboard and cutting guitar, 🎵i’m Evil , trouble-Elvis Presley, Roy, vocals are also good, the sound guitar of the telecaster guitar is crisp, it’s a guitar that suits country and blues, he pushed the limits of the playing style that can be expressed with a guitar called telecaster, a guitarist who makes a guitarist groan,

🎵Hey Joe- Jimi Hendrix

Hey Joe (live from austin TX)

back keeps playing *Hey Joe’s chords ,and on the way, keyboard plays melody,the chinese scale enters,and the guitar unfolds freely and plays that riff again in the second half, Audience gets excited, it’s an ending leaves a lingering finish, the development is a little too playful , and it feels cool , but great performance🎵❗️he is a great guitarist❗️

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