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1982, 🎵Do you really want to hurt me🎵 it’s a reggae-style pop number,

it’s ska- beat and pop, 1983, 🎵Karma Chameleon, it’s a big hit number❗️the chorus is also wonderful🎵 even if their music is soulful,🎤 Boy George,

he is a very nice singer and artist❗️🎵🎤 singing elegantly has been successful, the most brilliant in the 80’s new romantic scene🎵

Greatest Hits: HK Version (Hybrid-SACD)

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      1. 80年代の洋楽いいですよね!
        Duran Duranは良く聴いていたのは♪ Is There Something I Should Know?

      2. tae1さん、コメントありがとうございます、80’s良かったです🎵