🇺🇸 Welcome to the Jungle🎵

1987, 🎵welcome to the jungle-Guns N’ Roses, this song is so crazy * awesome*❗️❗️

extreme lyrics but the best rock🎵❗️

guitar- Slash, 🎸 gibson Lespaul, 1986-made*1959-model, the lead guitar sound of this song is the best❗️

🎤Vocal- Axl Rose , his vocals are great again❗️❗️🎵Sha na na na ~ ~


this vocal expression is a performance that remains in rock history.

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  1. Had tickets for the 9th row center in our Sports Arena– when Appetite for Destruction came out. Unfortunately GnR never showed– saying Axel Rose had a problem with his voice. At least the headliner–Iron Maiden– put on an excellent show. Really like a lot of the groups when they first come out. Usually they’re in the best “Wild rock” stage. Neve got to see GnR live.