🇺🇸 Kind of Blue

1959, Kind of blue-Miles Davis,

🎵Freddie Freeloader, Wynton Kelly 🎹 his piano performance is also wonderful🎵 alto-sax -Julian “ Cannonball ” Adderley 🎷 his alto-s is also the listening place for the album,

Of course John is also great❗️🐬

Bass – paul chambers, Drums- Jimmy Cobb, these two know the whole picture again🎵 Flamenco Sketches(alternate take)it’s wonderful❗️🎹Bill Evans, participating in album later became an experience that influenced his own play🎵🐬

So What ~ Flamenco Sketches,

Gradually expanding melody, invite listeners to wonderful world🎵 individual songs are good, but whole album is Great🎵🐧

Even if they play with the same member, they will not be able to create air with the same sound,

it’s a miraculous 56 minutes❗️


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