🇦🇹 Karl- Heinz Schutz

recording: 2017, Mozart Flute concerto №1 g−dur k−313 ,

karl – Heinz Schutz ,   orchestra da camera di perugia

1st movement:allegro maestoso

sonata form , a powerful tune is played by the orchestra, fruit solo sings gorgeously.

2nd movement:adagio ma non troppo

the solo flute after the violin and viola plays a relaxed and beautiful tune, great interaction with the violin.

3rd movement:Rond ;tempo di menuetto

there is adorability in the skillful fruit performance, it’s just adorability of mozart,

Karl -Heinz Schutz, his performance is wonderful🎵🐬

Mozart is said to have hated the instrument called Flute,

I don’t think so, the sound of wooden Flute at that time was unstable,

I think he had a hard time composing,

I don’t think he hated the instrument at all ,

when I listen to this beautiful concerto,

I think he knew the potential of the future Flute,

otherwise, this beautiful concerto wouldn’t be possible.


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