🇺🇸 Don’t stop ‘ til you get enough

1979  Off  The Wall-  Michael Jackson,

i like this song🎵

🎹🎺 Quincy  Jones,   i like his song  ‘Exodus’ he is Great jazz player🎵

he woke up to the production of other artists in the 60′  〜 Frank Sinatra , Miles 〜, and he also goes into the pop world,

78′ musical movie –  The Wiz , Diana  Ross , Michael ,

Quincy  and  Michael,  talented two fused at a high level,  i think Quincy  wanted to produce Michael before he met him ,   for Michael , the encounter with him later had a great influence on the musical direction,

and〜 it blossomed beautifully ,

‘ Thriller  ’ ❗

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