🇺🇸 Everybody’s talkin’

 move- Midnight Cowboy 69′      1968,69   Aerial Ballet- Harry Nilsson,

66, Fred Neil🎵

opening theme original sound track- John Barry,

harmonica-  Toots Thielemans, the harmonica melody is sad 🎵

at first it seems  that the creator had asked  Bob Dylan for the theme song,

when i first saw that movie,  i didn’t understand the story,  but  after grew up,  i could understand the melancholy and sadness,

the song-country style neutralizes the sadness🎵

Dustin Hoffman,  How about his acting❗

Jon Voight, he came out of the country to the city dreaming of success,

he also has a good redneck feel,

It’s the most difficult place to succeed in every field , whether It’s a business or not ,

New York ,  the toughest City❗

〜 It’s a movie with  melancholy and lingering〜

premier movie🐬


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