🇪🇦 Alicia de Larrocha , Mozart piano sonata №8 a- minor k 310

2016,  Mozart piano sonatas – Alicia de Larrocha,  piano sonata №8 a-minor k310 ,

1st movement,  allegro maestoso   a-minor

2st movement,  andante cantare con espressione  f- major

3st movement ,  presto  a-minor   , rond

Mozart,  For him,  Paris is a place of sad,  his mother passed away after a long illness ,                                        there are few minor works in his work,

until the end,  there is no release to major,

his anxiety and despair,

it will be a little brighter in the 2st movement, but it’s still a while,

people hide with a little smile when they are really sad and anxious,

for pianists ,  the expression of this piano piece is very difficult,

expressing sadness as sadness is not difficult,   but,  deep despair and anxiety ?

it’s not about the technical meaning,

but about the interpretation of this piece,

it is in the interpretation of the instructions in each movement,


her performance suits me best🎵🐬


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