🇺🇸 Billionaire

2010,  Lazarus-  Travie McCoy ,

🎵 Billionaire   ft.  Bruno Mars ,

rise intention is also cool❗when they sing🎵

it’s a bright expression with no sarcasm❗🎵 it seems that he doesn’t just want to be Rich(Billionaire),

he want to be a  Hero and contribute to society 🎵❗ it’s like that🎵❗ 〜  anyway Bruno’s  relaxing and singing is also wonderful❗

06,  🎵clothes off !! – Gym class Heroes ,  🎸 a rock guitar on the way is a good idea🎵

〜 Travie  and  Bruno 🎤🎵 Two cool❗

i am happy with songs and music, and  world peace🎵

play❗ Rap ,  Reggae🎵

let’s decide a  dunk shot at the green🌿 park coat ⛹️🤾near the sea   today as Well❗❗🎸





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