🇨🇦 The saga of pepote rouge

1977,  Islands –  The  Band ,

Rick Danko’s 🎤singing voice is very good🎵

he grew up listening to country and  soul music,  i like his singing voice,🎵

🎵 Georgia on my mind (Hoagy Carmichael , Stuart Gorrell ), 🎤Ray Charles,  famous for the song he made a big hit,

🎤Richard manuel,  he sings with emotion🎵

instrumental ,  Islands ,

the member are playing comfortably,

it seems to be unpopular as album,

but, i like  this 🎵that light feeling is also good, 彼らのアルバムとしては、不評だった様ですが、私は、この軽い感じも好きです🎵🐬

🎹 Garth Hudson,

keyboard sound,  that phrases,

i feel nostalgic for myself as a Japanese person🎵❗





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