🇸🇪 Heaven

2019,  Tim-  Avicii,

2014,  this  song was written with Chris Martin ,   and  , 2016 completed ,

2019,  the tribute video made from the footage spent on madagascar is beautiful,  the sea and lyrics is sadly beautiful, マダガスカルの海と、それに重なる歌詞が、哀しいほどに、美しいです。

it has been four years since he died,

he was a talented young producer🎵🎹🎸

album- Tim,   i think like  that, this album was created with respect for his musical intent,

🎵 bad Reputation feat  Joe Janiak,

it is a good feeling🎵

we wanted him to realize vorious collaboration in the House Music scene ,

his anguish we don’t know,

but,  his  music lives on our hearts🎵



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