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1978,  Grease- Olivia Newton- john  , John Travolta,

the interaction song between the two is wonderful,

it’s a great coming- of- age  musical movie ,

Hopelessly Devoted to you ,  it’s a good  love ballad song,

Olivia Newton -john ,

if not for you – Bob Dylan,

71, her singing is also good,

74,  I Honestly Love you , it’s her first hit song,

produce:john Farrar, he is a former the Shadows member, he produced and supported her early .

75,  Have you never been mellow,

i was in middle school student at the time,  her cute appearance and her singing voice made me feel like a ‘‘ fairy ’’ singing voice .

81,  Physical ,

the aerobics- themed music video was good,

she continued to shine in the popular world, which changed with the times,

she has always entertained us in her time,

she made people smile and feel  at ease with her country pop,

we will never forget your  smile and  singing voice,

May  her soul  rest in peace .









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