🇺🇸 Living in the U. S . A

1968,  Sailor-  Steve Miller Band ,

there are times,  it’s a psychedelic sound🎵 hit❗ i like this feeling🎵❗

🎵song for our Ancestors,  it’s a progressive sound like a Pink Floyd(Meddle ),

they’re experimenting a lot with their second album as well ,

🎵Dime-A-Dance Romance ,  🎸 Boz Scaggs,   i think again he was a rock guitarist❗

Steve Miller Band,  in the 70’s  he turned into a pop and commercial sound , but no matter how much it changes ,   No doubt   he loves the Blues sound🎵❗🐬

their sound from this era is also nice🎵🐬

70年代に、彼は、ポップでコマ−シャルなサウンドに変わっていき、活躍しますが、 彼がブルースを愛している事に変わりはありません🎵🐬



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