🇦🇹 Symphony 41 c-major k 551‘‘jupiter’’

1788.Mozart ,


🇩🇪 conductor-  WOLFGANG  SAWALLISCH ,

this combination of conductor and  orchestra is unusual ,

it is a Symphony with majestic formative beauty ,

beautifully expresses the magnificent beauty of molding ,

1 movement- allegro vivace ,

in sonata form ,

the first theme is made up of two contrasting motifs,

2 – andante cantabile ,

it is a slow,  song-like movement,

i love this movement 🎵

a wide and beautiful plain appears in my mind ,

3- menuetto , allegretto ,

it’s a simple and cheerful,

4-Finale ,  molto allegro,

fugue form ,  sonata form ,

this movement integrates the two ,

each melody of this Symphony is based on this first theme,

it’s a ingenious Finale,

in a later Beethoven Symphony,  it is cited as a structure of the form.


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