🇺🇸 Nobody does it Better

1977,  movie- OO7  The spy who loved me 〜original sound track – Marvin Hamlisch,  (Carly Simon)

songwriter:Marvin Hamlisch ,  Carole Bayer Sager ,

the scene where the horn sounds powerfully when the parachute opens is the best ❗the ski is about to hit the parachute,

and the song begins with a gentle piano intro,

when i saw that scene in high school ,  I was surprised by the skill and sense of British and  American Cinema ,

🎤Carly Simon,  it became a big hit for the first time in 4 years since ‘‘ 🎵you’re so vain ’’

i’m sure her fans would love it too,

Roger Moore also  seems to appreciate this song,  ‘‘this is the song that made me shine as an actor ’’

Good Movie❗Good Song🎵🐬


カ-リ- サイモンにとって、うつろな愛、以来の大ヒットになりました。



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