🇺🇸 Lick it up

1983,  Lick it up-  Kiss ,

songwriter:Paul Stanley ,  Vinnie Vincent ,

it was simple hard rock,

if a normal band sang this lyric , it’s a Bad Taste⤵️

but ,  Cool  because it’s   🎸 KISS❗


they became a hot topic when they appeared without makeup ,

🎸 Vinnie Vincent ,  he also  had the ability to compose ,  he was an attention-seeker and played solo for a long time ,

Gene and Paul , they wanted him to play like  Ace Frehley ,

but  he didn’t seem to play the way they thought he would,

Paul and Gene  dismissed him ,

after all, are these two band?

〜🌿 my youth is decided by these four

🎸 Paul Stanley  ,  Ace Frehley  ,  Gene Simmons ,  🥁  Peter Criss  ❗🐬


並のバンドが、この歌詞を歌うと、ダサイですが、 そこはやはり、Kiss です🎸


82頃から、新加入のギタリスト🎸Vinnie は作曲能力もあり、良かったのですが、ステージでソロパ−トを長く弾きすぎたりして、ジ−ンとポールは、彼を持て余していた様です。結局、解雇という形になりました。



Paul , Gene , Ace , Peter .







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