🇺🇸 Joy to the World

1970,  Naturally-  The Three Dog Night,

songwriter:Hoyt Axton,

his mother is a famous lyricist, Mae Boren Axton  (heartbreak hotel- Elvis , etc),

initially , this song was to be used in an animated children’s show(the happy song) ,

🎤Chuck Negron , i love his powerful and soulful Vocals ,

their played well and became a big hit❗

naturally,  this album is a cover album that shines with their good sense of song selection,

〜🌿 there are many good songs on the American hit charts this year (Marvin , Carpenters , etc〜)

i like the atmosphere of America in this era 🐬

70’〜71′ 、この頃のアメリカのヒット チャ-トは、カ−ペンタ−ズやマ−ビンゲイ等が、チャ-トを賑わしていて、いい時代のアメリカでした。🐬




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