🇺🇸 She works hard for the money

1983,  She works hard for the money- Donna Summer ,

songwriter:Michael Omartian, Donna Summer,

She sang about the poor working hours problem,

Onetta ’ she is a waitress in a real restaurant ,

already a pop-star , she tuned to the working class ,  there is something that leads to rock singers who turn their attention to social issues ,

in terms of sound,  from the beginning,  it’s a rhythm that makes you want to dance naturally🎵

in the 70’s  she was active by Giorgio Moroder’s production as a Disco Queen🎵

but , 80’s    she made this song a big hit with a rock approach🎵🎸

70年代の彼女は、ディスコ クィーンとして活躍しましたが、80年代には、少しロック的なアプローチで、この、情熱物語(邦題)を大ヒットさせました。





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