🇺🇸 The lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll

1964,  The times they are A- Changin’ – Bob Dylan ,

people,  it’s too early to cry ,

wait for the outcome of the trial,

criminal, William Zanzinger, his wealthy parents lobbied the authorities ,

his sentence was imprisonment only six months , in this judgement, the dead her is too pathetic,                   now in the time,

shed tears at this unreasonable judgment,

🌿 he’s amazing at turning tragic events into lyrics like short stories,

photos in this album , i like his young look ,

it was during the Civil Rights Movement at the time.

犯罪者の、Zanzinger の両親は、彼の罪を軽くするために、権力者に働きかけた、そして、刑期6ヵ月という、理不尽な裁判結果となった、




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