🇺🇸 Strange fruit

1939,  Strange fruit- Billie Holiday ,

i can’t write for this song ,

because it’s too sad to put into words,

She spent her life fighting drug addiction and racism,

she had nothing to believe,

only , all she had to do was convey her emotions to the audience on stage,

1915,  her father didn’t seems to recognize her,  she was entrusted to the ‘house of good shepherd for colored girls’ when she was 10 years old ,

music producer- John Hammond (columbia records), he found her ,

33′  she sang  ‘Riffin’ the scotch🎵

slightly around 18 years old ,  her singing voice is bright,  and   the performance of  Benny Goodman orchestra is also bright🎵

35′  she sang ‘saddest tale🎵with Duke Ellington orchestra, it’s her prime,

39′  strange fruit , writer is a high school teacher  Lewis Allen (pen name)

major label-Columbia Records  rejected this song,

after that,  it became possible to release from minor label-Commodore Records,

this song came out .


it evokes the deep sadness we still feel.






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