🇺🇸 Helena

2004,  three Cheers for Sweet Revenge- My Chemical Romance ,

this song is a melodious punk with a chorus ,

i like this song,

🎤Gerard  Way ,  he has a bachelor’s degree in fine arts,  he also works as an animator,

he is versatile ,

he has also collaborated with japanese Rocker ,   🎸🎵 Safe and Sound- Kyosuke Himuro feat Gerard Way ,

the two who sing alternately are in sync🎸

it’s wonderful to see two from different countries and generation blending together.

Gerard Way は、アニメ−タ-でもあり、多才なボ-カリストです。

氷室京介さんとのコラボ、🎸🎤safe and  sound も、交互に歌う2人が、goodです。世代の違う2人が、溶け合う姿は、good🎸❗




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