🇪🇦 Albert Mora Griso

2017, 9  in Nagano,

Mozart -Flute Concerto №2 d-major k.314 ,

flute- Albert Mora Griso

Dirigent – Georg Mark

Nagano- Philharmonic  Orchestra,

his gentle and humble playing of the flute was wonderful,   and  the performance of  Nagano-Philharmonic Orchestra was also excellent,

〜🌿 this concerto was commissioned from  flute lover Doctor – Ferdinand Nikolaus Dionisius Dejean,

this concerto is an arrangement of what he composed(Oboe Concerto in c-major k314)the previous year ,

it is generally said that ,

but experts have different opinions,

1 movement ,  allegro aperto 4/4 ,

aperto ?   it is an expression of openness ,   i can hear the chirping of birds in the spring breeze〜

2 movement , adagio non troppo 3/4 ,  i like this melancholy second movement ,

3 movement ,allegretto 2/4,  it’s a lightly bouncing movement,

cadenza’ it is the solo performance at the end of the soloist,

cadenza that is inserted general is wonderful🎵






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