🇺🇸 Cry me a river

2002,  Justified-  Justin Timberlake ,

are the lyrics referring to  Britney ?

i don’t understand,

as a solo singer ,  he gave a splendid performance 🎵

2000′  🎵this i promise you- ‘N Sync  ,  i like this ballad ,

in two years, he grew as a singer ,

it’s good performance🎤❗

🌿 as an aside, 1955’, Cry me a river- Julie London , songwriter:Arthur Hamilton ,  this is a Jazz standard🎵

it’s the same title , but it’s a completely different song ,

but  ,  It’s the same in terms  that it’s a song about resentment towards a former lover .

イン・シンクの時代の曲、this i promise you から2年後、ソロになって、彼は成長したパフォーマンスを見せてくれました。歌唱の表現力も格段にアップしました。





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