🇺🇸 All Tomorrow’s Parties

1967,  the velvet underground and Nico- the velvet underground ,

decadent,  but somehow beautiful ,

🎸Lou Reed ,  his guitar reflects the inner darkness of human,

it’s an irony to the party culture ,

🎨painting artist ,  Andy Warhol,

he introduced Nico to the band , and she sang  this decadent and beautiful song ,

their original sound influenced later bands,

their Rock derived many forms of Rock  (noise , punk,  psychedelic,  experimental),

the Doors is also  influenced by their sound ,

they taught us that we can play as we like 🎸🎵


彼等のロックは、その後に多くのロックバンドの形態を派生させました。ノイズ ロック、サイケ、パンクなど、




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