🇺🇸 I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus🎅

1970,  Jackson 5  Christmas Album- the Jackson Five ,

songwriter:Tommie Connor , Lorenzo Definti ,  Stefano Dall’ora ,

🎤Michael, his singing voice before his voice change has amazing treble🎵 even if you search all over the world,  there is no elementary school student who can sing like this,

〜🌿1952′  🎤Jimmy Boyd,  relaxing song, this singing voice is also  wonderful❗

before i was born,

feeling like America in the good old days,   tears come out ,

🏕️ underneath the mistletoe ,

mistletoe , this tree is parasitic on deciduous trees etc  in winter,

it has the Celtic meaning of agelessness ,  rebirth ,

people feel sacred under the tree,

Good luck to all lovers , families and  alone. Merry Christmas〜🐬

12歳ぐらいの、声変わりするまえのマイケル🎤 高音が素晴らしいです🎵










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