🇺🇸 Little Green Apples

1968,  Hickory  Holler Revisited- OC Smith,  songwriter:Bobby Russell,

the song has been sung by many singers (Frank Sinatra etc )

🎵music box and female chorus is gentle ,  he sing  ‘‘ i’m sure she loves me that much ’’

when you wake up in the morning,

how wonderful it is to have a loved one  next to you !

life needs a moment to be moved by the voice of a small bird,

〜🌿 1962′  🎵Deed I do ,  it’s cool to see him singing soulfully  in an  jazz orchestra – Count Basie  when he’s around 30 ,


62′ のJAZZのカウント ベイシ- 楽団の中でボ-カリストとして歌う彼は、ソウルフルでカッコイイです🎤🎵🐬



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