🇺🇸 Cherish

1984,  Emergency-  Kool&The Gang,

songwriter:Robert Bell ,  Claydes Smith ,  George Brown,  James Taylor, Ronald Bell , Curtis Williams, James Bonneford,

🎵〜mew 〜mew ,(sound effect), fishermen express the cries of seagulls and black-tailedgulls , and   nice intro keyboard ,  and  🎤James Taylor sings softly🎵

at that time, at the disco hall,  lovers loved this song,

i don’t have a partner, and  i’m not the type to dance the cheek dance ,

i loved watching from afar  that  Lovers dancing together   , Lovers were happy in mirror Ball 🪩 lovers will talk at a nice bar after this ,

🎵 a precious person may be called to heaven ,  that’s why ,

(Cherish the one you love in front of you )

is this the meaning of the lyrics?



ジェ-ムズ テイラーの優しい歌声に包まれ、踊る恋人達は素敵でした。









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