🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Led Boots

1976,  Wired-  Jeff Beck ,

i heard the sad news yesterday,

at that time,  i was in high school,

my friend was a big fan of Jimi Hendrix , and  he also liked Jeff’s play , he had guitar,  i remember that the guitar was a stratocaster model  ,  it’s not expensive guitar as (Fender , Gibson),   but he played well ,

he let me listen to the Jeff’s  songs,

it’s ‘Led Boots ,  ’ ,  so i was surprised by the play , and ,

i didn’t understand  time signature,

Jeff Beck and  Narada Michael Walden – drums ,  the play that stops suddenly is amazing ,  and  Jan Hammer- synth ,

that’s a amazing sound,

and , he played jazz mumber  ‘ Goodbye Pork Pie Hat- Charles Mingus ’

his guitar expression is great,

he turned to jazz and fusion,

and ,  also he let me listen to ‘Freeway Jam- Blow by Blow ’ 75′

i like this song,  it’s melodious guitar play,

episode,  1972,  he participated in the album- Talking Book- Stevie Wonder,

and ,  the song(Superstition), Stevie gave to the group(Beck , Bogert &Appice )

but , first   Stevie’s version’s hit,

even this Little trouble is nostalgic now,

60′ Yardbirds ,  blues Rock 〜 70′ Beck group ,  Beck ,Bogert &Appice  he pursued his admiration for black music ,  and  fusion sound ,

he was constantly Changing and left behind a number of  great performance,

he is a great guitar Seeker,

thank you for the incredible performance,

May he Rest in Peace   and play guitar in Heaven.


わたしが、高校生の頃、ジミヘンドリックス フリークの友達に、聞かせてもらった、Led Boots が衝撃的でした、

また、72年頃のエピソードとして、当時 、ブラックミュージックに傾倒していたジェフベックは、スティービ−ワンダーのアルバム、ト−キングブックに参加します。そのお礼として、スティービ- はジェフに、迷信という曲をプレゼントしますが、レコード会社の意向でシングル曲として、世に出て、先にヒットさせてしまいました。スティービ-もジェフに対して、申し訳なく思った様です。















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