🇺🇸 Fingertips

1962,  Recorded Live:the 12 year old Genius, –  Little Stevie Wonder ,

songwriter:Henry Cosby ,  Clarence Paul,

the performance was not calculated,

he sat down and started playing the Bongos 🪘 and  blow the harmonica,

he exploded the emotions that welled up on stage ,

the audience was thrilled with his performance,

he also showed mischief , he played the song (🎵 Mary had a little lamb)at the end of the song,

at this time,  the audience witnessed the genius boy,   and  the audience saw  a historic moment at popular music.


アルバム、ジャズソウルオブ〜 からの曲をやるよ❗と声かけて、ボンゴを叩き始め、ハ−モニカを吹き、内なるソウルのエネルギーを爆発させました。最後に、童謡、メリーさんの羊を演奏するという、少年らしい茶目っ気も、披露しました。





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