🇺🇸 Woman

1980, Double Fantasy−John Lennon, Yoko Ono,     

those who criticized the album thought that (John , who was a rocker , has completely become a family man , he quit the fight and fled home, )

some fans were disappointed,

but , i think i understand John’s feelings, and it feels good to see a warm and loving couple,

this song has something in common with (🎵Girl−Rubber Soul),

he asked a Woman for motherhood? he was over his boyhood yet ,

all women have motherhood , are men kept alive in women’s hand?

there are words like this ‘Mother Earth’,

and we are all alive on Earth.

このアルバムに、批判的な人々は、ジョンはすっかりロッカーとしての戦意を失って、家庭人になってしまった。と、がっかりしました。女性に母性を求め過ぎの感は、ありますが、ジョンの気持ちも、解る気がします。 愛あるアルバムです。

genre− rock , Pop



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