🇺🇸 If I had a Hammer

1962,  Peter, Paul&Mary-  Peter,  Paul&Mary ,

songwriter:Pete Seeger ,  Lee Hays ,

Mary’s singing voice is powerful and ,

their unison chorus is also good,

their songs have reached more People,

the achievement that spread to the world is great ,

writer, Pete Seeger, he liked their arrangements ,

63′  citizens sang  in the American Civil rights movement ,

🎤Aretha Franklin,  she sings over and over ‘‘ all over this land ’’

this is a protest song that be inherited by many people ,

93′ 新宿のNissin Power stationでのライブで、忌野清志郎さんも、歌ってます、

ピ−タ- , ポールー&マリーの歌唱で世に広まった、この歌は、歌い継がれていく、プロテストソングです。🎵





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