🇺🇸 Upside Down

1980,  Diana- Diana Ross,

songwriter:Bernard  Edwards ,  Nile Rodgers ,

it was her first hit in a long time,

that’s right,  Nile , Bernard  magic❗

about this song,  it seems that there was a discussion about which to put out  front , the playing performance and  Vocals,

an artist is a mass of self – assertion,

making an album is hard work,

they have to take care of  heavyweight(Diana)

it turned out to be a hit 🎵

🎸Nile  Rodgers 〜☘️ when  i was young , i danced to this sound(🎵Le Freak)at the disco 💃,

he became more famous as a producer than when he was in the group(Chic),  his production provided hit songs for numerous stars,

good dance number🎵❗

プロデューサーの、ナイル ロジャースといえば、シックのおしゃれフリークで踊った世代です、







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