🇺🇸 Touch Me

1968,  THE Soft Parade- Doors ,

songwriter:Robby Krieger ,  (4 members),

It’s a commercial sound🎵

this song has a sound that incorporates a horn section🎺🎷

It’s strange  the Doors uses a horn arrangement,

what happened to my  Doors🎤🎸?

their fans were a little confused,

but fortunately,  they never continued this direction,

It’s an album that feels like a detour,

among them,  this song showed a different side of them,

now it’s time to talk about arranging,

Robby’s song itself is good🎸🎵❗

🎤when  Jim sings it feels like it means something deeper ,


〜☘️ episode

it seems that the song was created based on the quarrel between Mr. and Mrs . Robby.

〜 touch me = please fix your mood〜🎵?


最初は、ドア−ズが、ホ-ン?とビックリしましたが、プロデューサーのアイデアだったようです。 ギターのロビーの作曲ですが、シングル盤のソングライターのクレジットは、メンバー4人となってます。


〜こっちへおいでよ〜 は (奥さんに、機嫌を直してくれよ〜)といったところか?








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