🇺🇸 I need you

1985,  Maurice White-  Maurice White,

songwriter:William D. Smith ,  Mary Unobksy ,  Priscilla coolidge,

i don’t often listen to sugary love songs,  But , the love songs he sings  are  Special❗ when the song was played in the floor ,  it will be a special time for men and women🎵

2016,  he died of parkinson’s disease,

but his music is forever .

1979, 🎵Boogie wonderland- EW&F ,

i remember the shock when i heard that song for the first time,

soul music became glittering song✨❗ the production was awe-inspiring ,

モ−リス ホワイトの極上のラブソングです🎵

79′ ディスコブームの頃、初めて、EW&F の ブキーワンダーランドを聞いた時の、衝撃は、今も覚えています❗









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