🇺🇸 What a wonderful World

1967,  Louis Armstrong,

songwriter:George Douglas (Bob Thiele ),  George Weiss ,

2008,  Premium twin Best – Louis Armstrong,

in the 70’s  he says the line in the intro, it was recorded a year before he passed away,

what are his thoughts on this song ?

the World isn’t like these lyrics right now,  but  ,  if you change your inner mind ,   your outer world will change too ,      Love,

🌿〜64′ 🎵Hello Dolly , i love this song,

🎵so take her wrap〜 , the melody in this part is the best🎵

i found a video that makes me happy,

clarinet, trombone, trumpet, 3 great performance🎵❗

the relationship between Satchmo &trombonist is great❗

i love his innocent smile❗🐬

what a wonderful World 〜🎵

i feel like i understand the meaning of this song.

🎵hello Dolly を演奏する、サッチモの、動画を見つけました。













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