🇺🇸 I’ll love you till the dayIdie

2022,  A Beautiful Time-  Willie Nelson,

songwriter:Christopher Stapleton , Rodney Crowell ,

Mickey Raphael’s harmonica has a gentle tone🎵

you can spend a calm and relaxing time 🎵

this album,  🎵 With a little help from my friend,  this  song  was written by Paul and John for Ringo ,

🎵 Tower of song(88′ )- Leonard Cohen,

he has a good choice of cover songs ,

🎤Leonard,  Willie , he and he are of the same generation one year apart,

they were born in different places,  but live in same  era ,  they are different genres, but they have something in common,

it’s a song  of  sorrow  and ‘ hope ’ ,

〜🌿2016, Leonard died ,   but  Willie  Keeps singing 🎵

Legends are still active today ,

How Wonderful ❗

アルバムには、ビ−トルズの曲や、レナード コ−エンのtower of songのカバー曲も収録されてます。

彼と一歳違いの、レナード コ−エンさんは惜しくも、2016に亡くなられました、ジャンルは違いますが、同じ時代を生きた同士です🎹🎸🎵







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