🇭🇲 Down Under

1981,  Business as Usual- Men at Work,

songwriter:Colin Hay, Ron Strykert,

🎤Colin,   he sings masochistically with the setting of a traveler,

he expressed his feelings for his motherland in a non- direct way ,

this country has been exploited by foreign countries ,

he would have wanted to say that  (originally,  this country is a beautiful country rich in nature ,🏞️

〜🌿 flute- Greg Ham,

🎵nursery rhyme (kookaburra sits in the old gum tree),

the similarity of the flute riffs played in the middle of the song was pointed  out ,

he lost  his father,  and  he has mentally damaged by the trial,

☘️ i liked his slightly comical playing🎵🐬








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