🇺🇸 Play that funky music

1976,  Wild Cherry- Wild Cherry,

songwriter:Rob Parissi ,

rock guitar in the middle is cool🎸

It’s a song  inspired by the jeering from the audience , ( play that funky music  white boy!)      🌿    1972′  they were a rock band🎸 but  they didn’t sell ,

the jeering from the audience❗

Rob Parissi,  he must have struggled with changing his musical direction (rock route or disco route),

76′   they re-debuted  , ironically  this song  became the only big  hit song ,

their record label (sweet city- EPIC)

went bankrupt,   and

1980,  the band broke up ,

their big hit was just one song 🎵

but ,  i will never forget that funky music❗🎸


ロックバンドとして、売れなかった頃、観客からのヤジで、(ファンキーで踊れる曲をやれよ! 白ん坊❗)とヤジられ、できた曲が、この曲だ、とRobは、語ってました。











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