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2008,  Fleet Foxes – Fleet Foxes ,

songwriter:Robin Pecknold,

i don’t get the meaning of his lyrics,

but ,

when listening to their music,  the spirit is wrapped in a world of peace,

its sound is acoustic and pastoral🏞️

that keyboard(Casey Wescott)and drums(Nicholas Peterson)are dramatic🎵

scenery that i have never visited comes to mind ,

🌿i have never visited there,

i’m  listening to this song while looking at the picture of the mountain valley 🏞️(Mount- Rainier)

the unison of instruments and vocals at the end is beautiful🎵

全曲を書いた、ロビン ペックノ−ルドの才能は、素晴らしいです🎵


ニック ピ−タ-ソンのドラムが、ドラマチックです🎵




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