🇺🇸 Betcha by Golly , Wow

1971, The Stylistics- The Stylistics ,

songwriter:Linda Creed , Thomas Bell ,

Bell, he masterfully produced it as a beautiful ballad song 🎵

🎤Russell Thompkins jr , his singing voice is a very beautiful❗ their singing voice is too pop , they’re a sophisticated soul group🎵

☘️the song(🎵keep growing strong) was originally sung by actress and singer -Connie Stevens . She is a Cute actress❗

〜🌿 🎸🎤Prince , he loved Stylistics’s chorus , he must have hummed this song when he was about thirteen,

1996, he recorded this song on the album(Emancipation) as a cover song ,


ラッセル トンプキンス ジュニアの美しい高音による、永遠のバラードソングです🎵

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