🇺🇸 Riders on the Storm

1971, L.A . Woman- Doors ,

songwriter:Jim Morrison, John Densmore, Ray Manzarek , Rooby Krieger,

this is the last album with the four of us together,

🥁 John Densmore, his drumming matches Jim’s narrative vocals , and Ray’s Rhodes piano🎹 is really beautiful🎵

〜 German Philosopher , Martin Heidegger , he said ‘‘ we are thrown into this world ’’ ,

jim wrote the lyrics based on one definition,

and ,

‘‘ sweet family will die ’’ this passage is reminiscent of a real- life family murder case, billy cook (criminal)50’〜51′,

〜🌿 60’s gone, 70’s started, at that point ,

jim passed away .

i listened back to their first album ,

Jim left us with a literary and meaningful song to the end,

i feel deeply about their solid 5〜6 years period.

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