🇺🇸 One hundred Ways

1981, The Dude- Quincy Jones, James Ingram ,

songwriter:Kathy Wakefield, Benjamin Wright, Tony Coleman,

i love his dignified, deep and soulful singing voice 🎤

Quincy appreciated and loved his singing voice ,

the musicians participating in this album are gorgeous❗

Jerry Hey , his horn arrangement is amazing 🎺🎷 and 🎸 Steve Lukather ,

his guitar playing is good🎵

〜🌿81′ these days, Girls group, The Go-Go’s 🎵we got the Beat , their songs were climbing the hit charts.

ジェイムズ イングラムの気品のあるバラードソングです🎤🎵


ジェリーヘイのホーン アレンジがまた、素晴らしい〜🎵

☘️81’といえば、ウェイクボードに乗った、可愛いい、アルバムジャケット(Vacation)-2ndの、ガールズグループ、ゴーゴーズの we got the Beat 🎵(Beauty and the Beat)がヒットチャートを賑わしていた年で、懐かしい〜🐬

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