🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿If I only Knew

1994, The Lead & How to Swing It – Tom Jones,

songwriter:Benjamin Nitze , Joseph Mendelson ,

it was a Beautiful comeback ❗

at that time, A 54 -years- old veteran singer tried to create a new sound,

his dynamic singing shows no signs of slowing down❗🎤

his long-time fans have been delighted with his success and have been energized,

i’m one of those fans🐬

he also sang a (🎵Kiss-Prince), it is unthinkable for a singer of his generation,

〜☘️ 🎵what’s new Pussycat ? 🎵Green, Green, Grass of Home, 🎵Love me tonight🎤

i love his dynamic singin’🎤🐬

当時、54歳のベテラン歌手の復活は見事でした,  🎵何かいいことないか、仔猫ちゃん?、思い出のグリーングラス、ラブミー ツナイト🎵等 は思い出の曲です、

ラップ調の曲や、プリンスのkiss 等に挑戦する姿に、オ-ルドファンは、パワーをもらいました❗🐬


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