🇭🇲 I should be Lucky

1987, Kylie – Kylie Minogue,

songwriter:Mike Stock , Matt Aitken , Peter Waterman,

SAW , British trio music team ,

their sound gave Eurobeat a easy-to-understand melody🎵

they enlivened the pop-dance scene in 80’s

🎤Kylie Minogue, her performance is Vibrant❗i like her performance🎵🐬

🎵The Loco- Motion , her version is good❗

when i first heard this song (🎤Little Eva , 62’), i didn’t know it was composed by Carole King,

🎵Turn it into Love , japanese idol-duo made a cover-hit ❗

イギリスのトリオの音楽プロデューサー、SAW の作りだす、親しみやすい易いメロディーの、ユ−ロビ−トサウンドは80年代のダンスポップシーンを賑わしました🎵


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