🇺🇸 RiKKi don’t lose that Number

1974, Pretzel Logic- Steely Dan,

songwriter:Donald Fagen , Walter Becker ,

it’s a pop song and hit 🎵

the black music color is deep , and the rock is an excellent sound that you will never get tired of,

Fagen 🎹, the words he writes are difficult to underground,

🎵East St. Louis toodle- Oo – Duke Ellington 🎹, it’s typical of them to cover a song like this,

〜🌿 1994〜2000 , they also came to Nagoya , japan several times , i’ve never been to a their live🎸

2017, Becker died leaving fagen alone,

he keeps the Steely Dan’s sound even when he’s alone .

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